Why Chews Us

Our superior curation process considers all of the different needs of your dog and addresses as many as possible in one convenient super snack.

high amount of chondroitin

which promotes joint health to support your dog’s movements and high-energy activities.

reduce plaque and tartar

the action of chewing our delicious chews also supports your dog’s dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup

reduce stress and anxiety

chewing releases endorphins that create a calming and comforting effect on your dog.

Reasons to Love our Chews

The ingredients of Redemption chews are only sourced from freshly harvested product from the packing plant. Though fresh product costs more, its better quality and higher nutritional value (when compared to old, freezer-burned product) makes it well-worth it for us.

Additionally, a unique aspect of these natural treats is that, in order to produce all of their different variations, our chews are entirely hand-crafted. Our production process creates jobs for people, rather than machines, to discern, sort and prepare the treats, adding just another reason why you can feel good about choosing Redemption chews.

Our cooking process emphasizes production quality over quantity, meeting kill point temperatures to ensure product safety without overcooking our chews for the sake of increasing output. By avoiding overcooking, our method prevents the chews from splintering and maximizes the quality of the protein to ensure that it is 100% digestible by your dog’s digestive system.

Our chew recipe applies an organic apple cider vinegar marinade to the chews after they have been thawed in a 40°F cooler room, cleaning the product before it undergoes a water rinse and drying.

The drying process reduces the water activity of the product to a level that inhibits the growth of microorganisms, dramatically slowing the spoilage of the product without adding the health risks that are associated with many preservatives.

Moreover, our commitment to product quality and safety has led to product testing per batch per oven, ensuring nothing but the best treats for your dog.

Your dog is begging for it

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