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Origin of My Dog Blog

I think it goes without saying that I am a huge dog lover. All the special moments I’ve had with my dogs and all of the ways they’ve brought my family closer together have made me love them like family. It seems only natural that I share these experiences with others who might resonate with my stories, or who might benefit from my advice as new dog owners. My motivation behind why I started this blog really has two main pillars: passion and experience.

A telltale sign that you’re passionate about something is when minutes somehow bleed into hours, and you find yourself marveling at how you’ve spent your whole day doing something, but want to keep going nonetheless! When I’m spending time with my dogs, time just seems to just fly by. Even just talking about dog-related topics with someone hooks my attention faster than a gym bro is drawn to talking about their max bench press. That is to say, I love these conversations by their very nature, and my own. This dog blog is a way for me to continue doing something that I love while connecting with others who share a similar interest in all things dog-related. The number of dogs that have joined my family speaks to my love for them, which has only grown over the years.

Having been a dog owner since I was 8 (over 12 years ago), I’ve learned so many different things from my experiences that I want to share with the world. I’ve developed a rich understanding of dog-parenting that I want to break down into discrete topics in each blog to help other dog owners in their journeys, new and experienced alike. From the significant life lessons my dogs have taught me, to the smallest of details that make a huge difference in my day, I think my insights have something to offer for any dog owner, no matter their experience. As this blog grows, so too will your knowledge about being a dog owner, along with your appreciation for all the little things that entails.

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