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5 Things To Do With Your Dog To
Brighten Up Your Day

Dogs bring joy and fulfillment to our lives—this isn’t anything new to dog owners. Less known are the numerous, science-backed health benefits that they provide their owners. Our furry little companions are acutely attuned to their owners’ emotions, and can significantly improve our wellbeing by reducing loneliness, depression, anxiety, and stress—states that are recently attributed largely to the pandemic and the social isolation that it has brought about.

If dogs were man’s best friend before the pandemic struck, they became more like man’s kin and even therapist afterwards. While social distancing prevented us from seeing some of our closest relations, dogs never left our side, helping many of us cope with the new stresses in our lives. The pandemic has ravaged the world and many parts of our lives, but we could always count on our little companions to cheer us up when things got tough.

My dogs have played an especially big role in supporting me over the past year. My mom passed away recently, after a 10-year battle with a very rare form of cancer, leaving a really big hole in my life. One thing that she and I always shared was a love for our doggos, which always brought her so much joy. It was extremely difficult losing her, and the degree to which I depended on my dogs for emotional support had never been so apparent as when that time came. Just as our dogs helped my mom cope while she was fighting cancer, they have helped me cope with the loss of my mom more than I can truly say.

I have overcome some of the worst days of my life thanks to my pups. Doing fun activities with them has a remarkable ability to cheer me up when I’m feeling down or make my good days even better. These are my top 5 favourite activities that you can do with your dog to brighten up your day.

1- Puppy photoshoot

Bring a camera and your dog to your favourite scenic place to take some stunning shots and create some lasting memories or fill the runway with your friends and all their puppy models!

2- Activities of the seasons

Winter and spring, summerand fall, enjoy activities of the seasons with your dog in them all! Take your dog outdoors to play in the sprinkler, leaves, snow, or rain, and don’t be afraid to get a little dirty while you’re at it!

3- “Doga” sessions

Invite your dog to do your favourite activities with you, whether that be hiking, swimming, running or working out! I like to do morning yoga with my dogs—hence “doga” sessions! Nobody can appreciate the downward dog more than your furry friend.

4- Doggy dance party videos:

What do dogs and dancing have in common? They both release endorphins in our brain to make us feel good all over. Crank up the tunes with your furry friend and film your dance party to share on social media, or just to keep for your own memories. The best part? The source of endorphins is renewable whenever you press “play.”

5- Cheat day for two

No matter your goals, we all need our cheat days from time to time. Even our doggos! Treat yourself and your dog with a drive to your favourite take-out place for some quality one-on-one time. Don’t forget a chew for your furry friend!

In life, there are two things that I am certain of. The first is that life is filled with uncertainty, we will all have good days and bad days. The second is that no matter what kind of day it is, my dogs can make it so much better. I hope that this list of some of my favourite activities inspired you to try something new with your dog. Who knows, it might just become your new favourite way to brighten up your day! Share this post with a friend who might enjoy these activities. It might be just what they and their little companion needed 🙂

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